So-So SuperMoon

Last Day on the Trail

As I was walking along the trail, I saw this Blue Heron on the hunt, while I was watching, several people can walking, biking and jogging by and the Heron stood still. I waited, and about 5 minutes later it started hunting again, walking through the water real slow… When suddenly he snatched a crawdad out of the water.

Each day on the trail I saw dozens of turtles- they are everywhere!

I didn’t see many White Egrets along the trail. Mostly I saw they flying in the distance. And the ones I did see spooked really easy.

Amelia Island Lighthouse

Fernandina Beach, FL - Amelia Island Lighthouse

Egans Creek Greenway Day II

Egans Creek Greenway

Veterans Day 2011

Our neighbor Lauren, invited Jan to her school today to honor her for her service in the military. A small group interviewed Jan on her experiences and presented her with homemade cards and a chorus performance. It was a good day indeed!

The Fishermen

Bob, the newest member of the neighborhood, and his grandson out enjoying a beautiful fall day at the lake.

Fall Again

Fall 2011

It's that time of year again

Sunday Ride

We’re at it again…

What's another ton of rock when you're among friends?

Two summers ago, Jan and I went out and got a couple tons of river rock and used it as landscaping borders where we have some plants and bushes. Well, we decided to add some more rock, so yesterday Jan went out and got another ton of rock and we spent the better part of this morning and early afternoon spreading it. I’ll be glad when we get a good rain, right now they just look like dirt clods.