Pano 7-2-2011

BRM Sunset

This is the view we saw tonight on our way home from a motorcycle ride to get ice cream.


Jan and I were sitting here eating dinner when we noticed it was getting very dark outside. I decided I ought to run out and pull the plug on my boat in case the 30% chance of rain happened, as well as take the fish finder out of my boat since I’ll be out of town for a few days. As I was walking out there I saw a flash of lightning with loud thunder. As I was walking back up to the house the wind picked up and the tops of the trees started swirling. That’s when the hail started. Literally within seconds it was looking like snow on the ground. The air cooled off considerable and the fog came rolling in. It as a pretty awesome storm, all except for the tree that got snapped in the backyard.

Now I guess we need to get some of the neighbors to come on over and help us get that part of the tree cleaned up.

Open to a little conversation…

A couple of different times this week, as I’ve either gone down to the lake, or as I’m walking back, this little guy runs out in front of me. If I start talking to him, he stops and sits for awhile.

Turd herders united

No… this is not our fishing lake. This is our sewer pond. Today a company came out to install a cute little stirring machine to help break down all the BAD stuff in the pond. Hopefully this will fix the problems that have plagued this neighborhood for the last 10 years…

Split Image

Our neighbor Joe and his buddy out fishing at the lake.


The view from the lake looking over our house.

End of the Trace

After 1397 miles, and 5 days we are home from our motorcycle trip down to Jackson, MS and up the Natchez Trace then back across southern TN and northern GA. It was a fun trip but I’m glad to be home.

Trace tornado

April 29th tornado devastation along the Natchez Trace. This went on for miles.

Jackson to Tupelo

Today we rode the Natchez Trace from Jackson to Tupelo.

Here you see Jan and Radar along the original trace where over the years Indians, slaves, settlers and soldiers all walked through here.  It’s kind of awe inspiring to think of the history along this trail.

I think Radar was mostly interested in the 1927 Model T which was parked along the side of the Trace.

I think one of the neatest places was the cypress swamp.

Water Tupelo and Baldcypress Trees live in the deep water of the swamp. (alligators live in this swamp, however I wasn’t lucky enough to see one)

The Bynum mounds are burial mounds that were believed to have been made 1800-2100 years ago.