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Outtakes from SLC

Outtakes from SLCMy stepdad Larry

Outtakes from SLCJan and Ana

Outtakes from SLCSteve

Outtakes from SLCShawn and Ana

Outtakes from SLCJan and her “boyfriend” Jeff

Outtakes from SLCJulie and Ana

Outtakes from SLCJimmy, Heather and Shawn

Outtakes from SLCRick- he’s so fast he’s nothing but a blur-

Outtakes from SLCJeffy took a pic of us to show off the lights on the trike-

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Boy, Idaho sure needs to fix their roads…. buuuummmmpppyyy!!

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008This picture is lousy…. The sign kind of snuck up on me- and I didn’t have time to focus (Obviously!)

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Our weather was wonderful again today- clear blue skies the whole way…

26-044…Although, when we got stuck in stop and go traffic on I-15 between Ogden and Salt Lake City, things warmed up a bit more than we would have liked. The temperatures in the city sure are higher than out in the middle of nowhere.

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Ah, the skyline of Salt Lake City with the beautiful Wasatch mountains in the background. I lived here in Salt Lake for 10 years- just recently moving to South Carolina with Jan. When we saw downtown, Jan asked how it felt to be back in SLC- and to be honest, it doesn’t feel like much of anything- just another stop on the road. Don’t get me wrong- I’m happy to see my friends. But SLC no longer has any meaning to me!

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Meet Ana- She is kind enough to let us crash at her place for the next few days!

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Meet Shawn- she had a blast on the back of the trike!