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Christmas 2010

Arien is looking for her gift.

Next year, instead of gifts, we are just gonna give them wrapping paper!

The Cat Days of Summer…

I would say it’s the heat that’s causing the cats to be such slugs… but the honest answer: They are like this year round!

Peek-a-boo… I see you!

06012010 020
Spooky peeking through the window on Arien in the bathroom.

Bonding on the 4th…

It’s good to be home again- It’s great seeing family and friends. But home is so relaxing.

Bonding on the 4th...

Today Jan and Arien enjoyed the holiday by engaging in a moment of bonding…

Birthday Wishes….

Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite girls… Jan and Arien! I love you both!

birthdays 942

Demon Child…

03262009 001

You can see how thrilled Arien is to be brushed… And you gotta love the multi-colored eyes from the flash!

Our kids…

bullspook6-22Here are our 2 oldest “kids”-(l-r), BullWinkle is 10 and Spooky is 8. We think Spooky may have lost a little weight since we’ve been gone. BullWinkle and Spooky have both been following the two of us all around the house. Guess they are afraid to lose sight of us, for fear we will disappear again.
Our kids...Stubby is our “middle child”,he’s 3 years old this year! He was pretty freaked out when we got home- he doesn’t adjust to change much. All last night he was pretty fidgety- but today- he curled up in my lap and took a nap!
Our kids...Arien is our “baby”- she just turned a year old in April. She has been showering us with love since we got home. She is the type, if you pick her up and put her on your shoulder, she will lay her head up against yours to give you a hug. Such a sweet little girl. We think Arien “found” Spooky’s lost weight- she’s gained quite a bit!

We miss our babies….

The only problem with traveling- We miss our babies….
thekidsStubby, Arien, Spooky and BullWinkle