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Cowgirl Up!

Today was Kendall’s Fourth
Birthday party. She wanted
a horse party… so, we spent
the afternoon at Stillwater
Farms so the kids could all
ride the horses. The party was
a huge hit, and as usual Kendall
was as cute as can be!

Jan, Pam and Kendall all shook
their booties… I think Kevin
thought they were all crazy!

Chocolate Overload…

Isn’t that a cute Birthday Cake. It’s called Chocolate Overload… and let me tell ya, a couple of bites is about all you can handle at one time!

Bowling with Kendall

Kendall turned 3 today and we all celebrated over the weekend with a bowling party!

39th(?) Birthday!

03142010 ma

Love ya Ma

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!Today is dads birthday- Thankfully he can spend it out of the hospital. From all accounts, and according to Kenny, dad is doing excellent. He slept great and had been doing really good at Kenny’s. A Home Health Manager came today to see how he was doing, and whether he could take care of himself. Kenny says he is still having a lot of problems with his depth perception- so that would mean no driving yet. He also said he needs a lot more physical therapy to build his strength up. But for all practical purposes he is doing great. Here is a photo Kenny snapped on his cellphone so I could update everyone. He has his eyes closed- but even so you can still see dads spirit shinning through brightly. He looks so much better than he did while I was there.

Birthday Wishes….

Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite girls… Jan and Arien! I love you both!

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Yo Ma!

Happy Birthday!!!  
I won’t say how old you are!

For Rebecka…



We love
miss you-
Aunt Lori & Jan

Grandma turns 94…

Happy Grandma turns 94... th Birthday Grandma

Grandma turns 94...

Grandma turns 94...

Aunt Barbara had a nice little birthday party for grandma. It was real nice to visit with everyone. Of course it was great to see my Grandma- and I always enjoy seeing Barb, Mose and my dad. Grandma turns 94...

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Happy Birthday Ken!

Happy Birthday Ken!Happy Birthday Ken! He has been a proud, card carrying member of the Jack Benny birthday club for a “few” years now! Hope you had a great day!!