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Biker Bling…

wing ding 73 004
Today was the kick off for Wing Ding 30- Jan and I spent the biggest part of our day taking a Trike Safety Course- today was classroom, and tomorrow morning will be out on the course. We did get a chance to wander around the vendors area a bit, and quickly discovered it would be really easy to spend thousands of dollars on accessories for your motorcycle. I’ve decided if it’s a part that can be put on a GoldWing- you can find it in chrome.

wing ding 73 040You can get “themed” trailers to carry all your “stuff”- (I was starting to think we may need a trailer just to get our purchases home…)

wing ding 73 028

You can even buy a 4-wheeled GoldWing- How awesome is that?

wing ding 73 030

And if you so desired.. you could buy a snazzy sidecar.

wing ding 73 022

While we were there, we met up with our good buddy Ken- he was getting a Tow-Pac installed on his 1990 GoldWing 1500- It’s a kit that adds 2 additional wheels to the back of the bike for stability. It’s really a pretty neat concept.
wing ding 73 037-1
Ken with his super cool bike- ride on Ken, ride on…
wing ding 73 065-1

After we left Wing Ding- we took a little ride through beautiful upstate South Carolina

wing ding 73 089

Isn’t this beautiful… We’re almost to Ken and Linda’s

wing ding 73 133

Tonight was the first time Linda rode on the GoldWing. I think she had a great time. Every time we stopped she had a big smile on her face!

wing ding 73 052

And of course- the post isn’t complete without another picture of Jan and I!