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Today has been a day that feels very satisfying… a triumphant day of sorts… as you recall in a post the end of June – A little Grooming… – Jan and I had done some clearing on our bank near the lake- Well today we went out and did some more work- it’s looking so good.

8.12 002You can actually see the trunk of the tree on the left- thats the first time I’ve ever seen it… hahaha

8.12 012

I went fishing tonight- I haven’t been out a lot lately- it’s been too hot- and my stupid shoulder has been bothering me. I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon a couple of weeks ago, and he thinks I have a rotator cuff problem- not sure if its a tear or just inflamed- but considering how long it’s bothered me- I can’t imagine it’s just inflamed. Anyway- long story even longer, my insurance won’t pay for an MRI to diagnose the problem until I have gone through a course of 4 weeks of physical therapy. Now, I have nothing against PT, but it seems incredibly stupid to prescribe PT when they really don’t know what the problem is- it’s my opinion it could actually cause more damage if they do the wrong thing? Anyway- thats my moment of complaining- Tomorrow (Wednesday)I have my first PT appt and I’m not terribly looking forward to it.

Anyway- back to fishing- I finally broke the streak of being skunked out on the lake- the last several times I’ve fished I haven’t caught a single thing- well tonight, I was triumphant…

8.12 017Granted- it’s not a monster- but it still felt great reeling it in!