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Happy Combination of Gifts

01072009 002

I got a new Trolling Motor for Christmas from Jan. And I’ve been dying to get out and use it- but before I could, I needed to get a battery. I bought the battery about a week ago, but I also needed a few other things to get setup properly. So I ordered a battery box and solar panel trickle charger. Those came in today, and even though it had been rainy for the last couple of days- and quite chilly- I went out to “play” a little bit. It was extremely windy today- but I scooted right across the lake with no problem. Actually I pretty much created a wake…

Also- while I was in Nebraska visiting family, my brother gave me his old fish finder. I can’t wait for a clear day to get out there and actually do some fishing.

01072009 004

01072009 005