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Keith & Bonnie

Since I always talk about our Redneck Neighbor Keith, I thought I would post a photo of him. And who could resist cute little Bonnie.


09222008 008-1This is Bonnie- she belongs to our neighbor Keith, “the redneck”. Now before you jump to Keith’s defense (because I called him a redneck)! Keep in mind, he is a self proclaimed redneck- not just a redneck- but a redneck from hell! (his own words, not mine.) Anyway- Bonnie, who is not a redneck, just a good loving dog, has been a good neighbor to us. She only barks when there is really something to bark about. And she is always happy to see us. She comes running over to the fence with her tail wagging ready to greet us each day- perhaps it’s because we give her a bone every time we’re out there… or perhaps she just loves us. Either way, Bonnie is a good neighbor!