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Together Again….

After spending the last 3 years apart, Rocky & BullWinkle are together again.

I got Rocky & BullWinkle 12 years ago. They were liter mates, and both were in poor health. They came from a house that had several liters of cats and weren’t well taken care of. They both had upper-respiratory infections and runny eyes. I gave them all the love and care that I could and their health improved but was never great. Through the years they were treated with antibiotics and eye ointments- which seemed to work for a little while, but their problems would soon return. Three years ago we had to put Rocky to sleep due to kidney failure, and today Jan and I put our cute little BullWinkle to sleep. She was 12 years old and blessed our lives. Over the last year or so, she has lost her eyesight and has been progressively losing weight. After talking with the Veterinarian, we decided it was time to let her go. We will miss BullWinkle, but we are relieved to know she will be reunited with Rocky once again.

A Bundle of BullWinkle

11022009 003BullWinkle is our eldest kitty- she will be 12 in February.


09222008 006

BullWinkle loves to sit in her tent and look out the sunroom windows at all the trees and the lake. I can’t say I blame her any- it’s a beautiful sight! Perhaps I should spend some more time in that room reading and reflecting…! I know this image isn’t “technically” a good photo. But I like the affect of the reflection across her face, especially the trees in her right eye. Even though this photo is flawed in a lot of ways- It still appeals to me, and is probably one of my favorite images of BullWinkle.

Our kids…

bullspook6-22Here are our 2 oldest “kids”-(l-r), BullWinkle is 10 and Spooky is 8. We think Spooky may have lost a little weight since we’ve been gone. BullWinkle and Spooky have both been following the two of us all around the house. Guess they are afraid to lose sight of us, for fear we will disappear again.
Our kids...Stubby is our “middle child”,he’s 3 years old this year! He was pretty freaked out when we got home- he doesn’t adjust to change much. All last night he was pretty fidgety- but today- he curled up in my lap and took a nap!
Our kids...Arien is our “baby”- she just turned a year old in April. She has been showering us with love since we got home. She is the type, if you pick her up and put her on your shoulder, she will lay her head up against yours to give you a hug. Such a sweet little girl. We think Arien “found” Spooky’s lost weight- she’s gained quite a bit!

We miss our babies….

The only problem with traveling- We miss our babies….
thekidsStubby, Arien, Spooky and BullWinkle