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Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008

Today was another beautiful day- a bit breezy and chilly-but we spent the morning in Crescent City, CA at 2 of the beaches looking for sea glass and agates. We found lots of little goodies- but….. I had a brain fade and forgot my camera. Since I don’t have any images to share from todays excursion, I figured I would show you a few outtakes from our time here in Oregon.
Cruising down Hwy 101

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Wild Iris growing on Chetco Point

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
View at Chetco Point

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Skies over Brookings / Harbor, OR

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Flying the kite at Lone Ranch

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Lone Ranch Beach

Day 15 Road Trip- June 3, 2008


When I looked outside today- and saw all the fog, I really thought it was gonna turn out to be an “icky” day!

The day turned out to be B-E-A-U-TI-FUL!!
What a great day to take a walk along the ocean!


Meet Joie- she will probably strangle me once she realizes she is on our blog- I hope she will either take mercy on me- or decide it’s not such a bad photo after all- I mean really, It’s mostly of the ocean anyway! Right?! Joie is a master at finding sea glass and agates on the beach. Today was Jan & my first try at it. We didn’t do too bad all things considered.

It’s funny how some beaches are fine sand- others are rocky. I like the rocky rugged beaches personally.

Most of the sea glass I found was real tiny- Like this piece here. Most of it was also brown- I found a couple green and white ones as well. Jan found several decent sized ones. I think she will have the “touch” and find lots of little treasures.

Hey there little Red Riding Hood…. Jan H. took me on a little hike out on Chetco Point.