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Cades Cove 2013


We decided at the last minute (around 11:30 am) to take a quick day trip to Gatlinburg, to ride the trike through Cades Cove.





Westward bound…

05062010 016I on the road again- this time just me. I’m headed to Omaha to see my family. Jan is home with the kitties, and I am currently spending the night in Higginsville, MO

Weather, Weather, Weather…

Today’s scenery was pretty much exclusively nasty looking clouds. When we started out this morning in Colby, KS, the skies were really dark in the south. The skies then kind of calmed down, but the sun never did really surface. Then as we proceeded east, the skies started looking a little creepy again… and even creepier….. And even creepier yet… I was able to log onto my computer using Sapp Bros internet while we were getting gas- I checked the radar and we decided it was time to call it a day, even though we only rode about 250 miles. We’re in Junction City, KS. As you can see by the radar, if we would have continued on, we would be right in the middle of severe thunderstorms with “damaging winds and hail”. We both felt like we could have continued on another 2-3 hours- but I’m glad we stopped. Better safe than sorry!

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
Hello Oregon- Again….. Today we drove through the northeastern corner of Oregon on our way to Idaho.

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008

We couldn’t find shade to park the trike in while we ate our lunch, and during the 45mins we were eating, the thermometer on the trike registered 106.5 degrees. Obviously it wasn’t that hot outside, but with the direct sunshine, the motorcycle seats reached that temperature. I was glad we had our seat cushions so we didn’t blister our butts….

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
Skies over Oregon- what a beautiful day we had- it was nice and warm, but the breeze kept us cool. We would surely be blessed if the rest of our trip was this nice.

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
No worries- we will be back as soon as we can. Oregon is our favorite state! (aside from South Carolina of course.)

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
Here we are in Idaho- we are spending the night in Mountain Home. We will be in SLC tomorrow- I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends!

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008

Today was another beautiful day- a bit breezy and chilly-but we spent the morning in Crescent City, CA at 2 of the beaches looking for sea glass and agates. We found lots of little goodies- but….. I had a brain fade and forgot my camera. Since I don’t have any images to share from todays excursion, I figured I would show you a few outtakes from our time here in Oregon.
Cruising down Hwy 101

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Wild Iris growing on Chetco Point

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
View at Chetco Point

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Skies over Brookings / Harbor, OR

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Flying the kite at Lone Ranch

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Lone Ranch Beach

Day 6 Road Trip- May 25, 2008


One of my favorite things about traveling on the motorcycle, is how friendly other riders are! The majority of them wave at us as we pass- even those on the other side of the interstate. Not only are the riders friendly, but so are a lot of drivers. We have had a handful of times where people will take pictures or videos of us as we pass- A majority of the truckers wave at us as well. If Jan & I were in a car- no one would ever take notice- But thats not the case on the trike.

6-02I’ve seen so many abandoned places along the road on this trip. This place is west of Albuquerque.


New snow cover on Mt. Taylor , NM6-01

Now I would like to introduce you to “Whipper”. She is the most awesome antenna buddy.


Yesterday we bought some new seat cushions- Oh my goodness my butt feels so much better today. Amazing what a little gel cushion can do for a girls back side.

6-05We spent a few hours of our day listening to the Atlanta Braves vs the Arizona Diamond Back on our XM Radio. Unfortuneately our beloved Braves pretty much fell on their faces and lost to the Diamond Backs 9-3. Chipper Jones was on the DL- the Braves usually lose when he’s not playing- all I have to say is “Get Better Chipper!”


I think we have seen more trains today than we have all the other days of the trip put together.

6-07Our day started out absolutely beautiful. It was a bit cool- but the winds were calm- that is for the first 150 miles- after that- we had high crosswinds again- I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I hope tomorrow brings us calmer winds. PLEASE WIND GODS!


Entering Arizona- although by this picture you can’t tell- I was all set to get a photo of the “Welcome to Arizona” sign- when a gust of wind hit us- and shifted the angle of my camera by about 45 degrees- I completely missed the shot. I did however manage to get a shot of the sign directing us to the visitors center! I was so bummed out about missing the acutal sign- I almost asked Jan to turn around!

6-10Reflection of us in the side of this shiny black truck.

6-11Skies over Arizona. As you can tell I like taking cloud photos!


Self portrait in the back of Jan’s helmet. You can see how I’m all bundled up- I have on gloves and about 4 layers of clothes. It got pretty chilly going through the Flagstaff, AZ area. For the last 2 days they have been receiving snow! I’m so glad we didn’t have to drive through it! Our day left us in Kingman, AZ- We drove 470 miles. It feels good to get a few miles behind us. Now we only have about 990 miles left to go. OH MY! If all goes well we should make our destination on Wednesday! It will sure be good to see all our friends, the ocean and the redwoods.

Day 4 Road Trip- May 23, 2008


We had a calm spot in the road so I thought I would try to take a few pictures! And just in case you forgot what I look like- here I am!

Skies over Texas. Today has been a funny day temperature wise. We went from blistering skies and ice chilled bandannas around our necks in Texas, to very chilly air and jackets in New Mexico.

After a day of being beaten and battered by the winds across OK, TX and eastern NM, Jan and I were both ready for a margarita!

Oklahoma landscape- Well the winds have not improved in the least bit. For a fact- I think they are much worse. We are really having to struggle through the winds again today. Our goal is to make it to Albuquerque, NM, but thats not gonna happen. We will end up having to stop in Santa Rosa, NM.

Entering Texas! Remember in my Day 3 post when I said Oklahoma was not my favorite state? Well I have seriously reconsidered that statement and would like to now announce that Texas is NOT my favorite state. It was windy, hot, and desolate. I am so glad we only had to drive through the panhandle of the state!!! It was so windy- I almost missed the shot of the sign.

This is Asher- she is one of our riding companions. Jan and I bought her when we were on our first cross country road trip together. She has been a good companion. Rarely complains about the wind, temps or rain.
The view of the back of our bike. We have a utility trailer to carry all our clothes, books and a cooler full of water. Our good friend Ken built us a box to mount on the tongue of the trailer so we have a place to store some extra fuel. When you have such a small gas tank, you need to stop quite often for gas. And I’m sure at some point down the road we may find ourselves in a position of being miles from the nearest gas station.
Entering New Mexico. Once again we didn’t travel quite as far as we would have liked. I think we made it about 360 miles. But we were both quite ready to stop.

Day 2 Road Trip- May 21, 2008


Our first morning on the road we decided we should try to eat at as many local restauraunts as we can so we can get a flavor for the area we are visiting. So we went to Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen in Hurricane Mills, TN. The food was pretty good and there was a lot of L.L. memorabilia there if you are a fan it would be a good place to visit. There is also a museum in town that we didn’t visit- guess we aren’t big enough fans!


This is the picture that was right above our table- made me feel like we were having breakfast with Loretta Lynn herself.2-2

Here I am on the trike. I sure have a comfy seat!


Memphis, TN


Entering Arkansas- crossing the Mississippi River bridge.


Jan and I cruising through Arkansas. The weather was beautiful. As you can see we have headset communications so we can talk to each otherĀ  on the road. We can also listen to our satellite radio through the headsets.


Even though we have our headsets for communication- I still like to use hand signals now and then to talk to Jan!


Cruising in comfort.


Common sights on the road.


Skies over western Arkansas. We spent our 2nd night on the road in Fort Smith, AR