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On the road again…

This morning Jan braved the cold weather at 6:45 to watch the crew get the stator ready and moving so they could get it around 2 turns as it made it’s way onto Highway 11. I on the other hand stayed in bed a little longer and waited for it to make the 2 mile trip to our street.

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Todays move required 2 additonal tractors as it makes it’s way down highway 11 where it expects to arrive in Chesnee, SC tomorrow morning. We learned this morning that this is only 1 of 5 stators on it’s way through the state between now and 2012. The largest piece is expected to be moved in 2012.


12022009 052Not since the day a gold shipment was transported through Mayberry, has there been such a spectacle. People (including us) flocked to Highway 11 & 25 to see Mammoet Logistics move a “stator” (steam driven generator) on its wa12022009 088y to Cliffside Steam Station in North Carolina where Duke Energy will use it in a 825-megawatt “clean-coal” unit. The Japanese built generator has been traveling through South Carolina since September 18th when it was delivered to a port near Charleston. The 300 feet long, 1.89 million pound load is moving at a maximum speed of 20 mph and an average of 5 mph, and is carried with 36 axles on the trailers holding 288 tires (by our calculations) as well as an additional 40 tires on the tractors (2 tractors on the front pulling and 2 on the back pushing) . We saw 2 flatbed trucks filled with tires traveling along with the load. Traffic was backed up for miles (reports were 15-16 miles). At one point a Mammoet driver pulled out his camera to take our picture. Did you notice the “NO PARKING” signs painted on the road- Right where they parked the unit for the night. The plan is to continue the move tomorrow morning starting at 7am which will take it right past our street!