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Enjoying the day

04222010 018
We went out fishing for a little while today and enjoyed the beautiful day!

Between the Storms…

Between the Storms...It’s been raining for so many days now, that I can’t keep track any longer. It appears it will continue to rain until Tuesday… So we try to enjoy the sun poking through the clouds every chance we get!

bye bye Hanna

Well Hanna came and went- we didn’t get a drop of rain here at our house. It was actually quite hot and no wind. I took advantage of the day and went fishing…

hanna fishing

It’s not a huge bass- and the picture isn’t great- but hey, I had a good day- and I think you should all know why…


Today has been a day that feels very satisfying… a triumphant day of sorts… as you recall in a post the end of June – A little Grooming… – Jan and I had done some clearing on our bank near the lake- Well today we went out and did some more work- it’s looking so good.

8.12 002You can actually see the trunk of the tree on the left- thats the first time I’ve ever seen it… hahaha

8.12 012

I went fishing tonight- I haven’t been out a lot lately- it’s been too hot- and my stupid shoulder has been bothering me. I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon a couple of weeks ago, and he thinks I have a rotator cuff problem- not sure if its a tear or just inflamed- but considering how long it’s bothered me- I can’t imagine it’s just inflamed. Anyway- long story even longer, my insurance won’t pay for an MRI to diagnose the problem until I have gone through a course of 4 weeks of physical therapy. Now, I have nothing against PT, but it seems incredibly stupid to prescribe PT when they really don’t know what the problem is- it’s my opinion it could actually cause more damage if they do the wrong thing? Anyway- thats my moment of complaining- Tomorrow (Wednesday)I have my first PT appt and I’m not terribly looking forward to it.

Anyway- back to fishing- I finally broke the streak of being skunked out on the lake- the last several times I’ve fished I haven’t caught a single thing- well tonight, I was triumphant…

8.12 017Granted- it’s not a monster- but it still felt great reeling it in!

Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home…

Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home...This is one of the 3 fish I caught (2 smallmouth bass and 1 bluegill) within about 25 minutes of fishing- Unfortunately I had to quit fishing right after I caught this one, because we had a downpour! As you can tell I’m getting a little wet! It was in the upper 80’s so the rain felt quite nice!
happy home001It looks like it may have stopped raining- I see the sun again- so I think I’ll go back out fishing…