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Jan is on a solo trip out to Oregon to take care of some business and visit with good friends. I stayed back here in South Carolina since my fall classes start on Monday. Late yesterday and early today she was in a fog (not sure if it was due to the 5 days on the road… or the weather). Either way, she is now in Brookings, OR having a great time! I miss her, but glad she’s enjoying herself!

A little soup with breakfast…

This morning Jan got to be the photographer of the house to capture the “soupy fog” out on the lake!
I stayed in bed…


Blissful Day

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Today turned out to be one of those days that felt good to hang around the house. We had to run into town this afternoon for some errands, and this is the sight we returned to. Beautiful!!

Foggy days…

I know, I know…. You see pictures of the lake all the time….

Foggy days...(this is a 6 photo composite image)

Foggy days... But today it seemed especially pretty! It’s been fairly chilly, lower 40’s. Today was in the mid to high 50’s with rain causing the lake to fog up a little. On the right side of the lake you can see the new house being built in our neighborhood.

Morning light…

Morning light...This past week Jan and I have had to get up much earlier than normal so we can drive the nieghbor boy to school. The ride consists of 10.5 miles through the countryside. I have to say the morning light sure does make things pretty around here!
Morning light...

Day 15 Road Trip- June 3, 2008


When I looked outside today- and saw all the fog, I really thought it was gonna turn out to be an “icky” day!

The day turned out to be B-E-A-U-TI-FUL!!
What a great day to take a walk along the ocean!


Meet Joie- she will probably strangle me once she realizes she is on our blog- I hope she will either take mercy on me- or decide it’s not such a bad photo after all- I mean really, It’s mostly of the ocean anyway! Right?! Joie is a master at finding sea glass and agates on the beach. Today was Jan & my first try at it. We didn’t do too bad all things considered.

It’s funny how some beaches are fine sand- others are rocky. I like the rocky rugged beaches personally.

Most of the sea glass I found was real tiny- Like this piece here. Most of it was also brown- I found a couple green and white ones as well. Jan found several decent sized ones. I think she will have the “touch” and find lots of little treasures.

Hey there little Red Riding Hood…. Jan H. took me on a little hike out on Chetco Point.