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If you plant it… It will grow!

If you plant it... It will grow!

It’s been just less than a week since the yard was covered in top soil and seeded, and we now have grass! Granted, it’s not thick, and isn’t growing everywhere yet. But we have grass none the less! Now lets just hope this frog isn’t a grass eating frog!

And now- The rest of the story…

04202009 007

04202009 004

Within just a couple of minutes of constructing the little rock steps, this fine furry frog took a swim, and was  successfully able to escape the depths of the pond… (or so the story goes)

Freeing Five Frogs…

04202009 002

Today when Jan went out to get the mail, she found 5 frogs stuck in our little pond out front… I guess we are gonna have to build them rock steps so they can get out! Silly frogs- don’t they know there is a big ole lake out back?