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This little dude, along with a whole bunch of his buddies, are sitting just outside our open living room window screaming their little lungs out! The cats are looking around wondering what the heck all the noise is about!

Screams in the night…

05272010 008

I know , I know, you’ve seen a half dozen photos of the moon on this site. (Actually only 3) And truth be told, you’ll see plenty more before I’m through. The moon rises over the lake out back and it’s really hard to resist taking photos of something so beautiful.  But the whole point to this post isn’t actually the moon, it’s the frogs! I walked down to the lake last night to get this shot, and the frogs were croaking up a storm. I wish I could say they sounded like a symphony, but in reality it sounded like screams in every direction. It was almost deafening how loud they were. From up at the house it does sound more like a symphony- but down at the lake it’s almost frightening!