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Nice Surprise…

While I was at school tonight, Jan had a nice surprise out on the lake:

14 Geese stopped off for an evening nap!

More Distractions…

06022010 034

It’s really easy to get distracted when you have big windows next to your desk… I’ve been enjoying a few breaks by watching all the “wildlife” in the back yard.

This little “mothy” thing was hanging out for shelter on the window while we were experiencing a downpour of a little more than an inch of rain in an hours time.

We’ve had two pair of geese hanging around the lake. We’re hoping they have made a nest somewhere along the banks and plan to stay a little while.

06012010 004


03032010 059


02222010 004

Postponed Outing…

Postponed Outing...
05292009031Yesterday evening I thought I would head out to the lake for an hour or so of fishing before it got dark. Just as I was starting to head down the hill towards the boat I noticed these 3 Canada Geese hanging out on the dock! We’ve had geese out on the lake in the past- but they usually don’t stay very long, so… I thought I would take a break from fishing and let them have the evening to enjoy the lake. The Green-backed Heron was hanging around as well. I love how the trees are reflecting so much green off of the lake!