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Mothers Day

05092010 015Aunt Barb and I went to have brunch with Grandma for Mothers Day- it was a nice way to spend the morning.

05092010 029

Finally…. an update about Dad!
(and my trip to Nebraska)

Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)
Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)Well, it’s been quite awhile since I last updated… Anyway, here it is about 3 1/2 weeks since my dad fell. We found out what actually happened- Apparently he was letting his cute dog JR out the back door, when JR accidentally tripped him up. He fell down 2 flights of stairs and was knocked out for about 2.5 hours. As you know, just over 3 weeks ago he had surgery to remove a blood clot from the right side of his brain and they have continued to monitor the bleeding on the rest of the brain. He appears to be out of the woods physically, but he still has a lot of issues related to the brain injury.

Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)
Dad is being released from the hospital tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) and he will be staying with my brother Kenny while he continues outpatient rehabilitation where he will recieve Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy. He still struggles with short term memory loss as well as confusion. He has some medical conditions that are contributing to his confusion, and hopefully once things balance out for him, he will become more aware of his surroundings. The Dr told us he was “expected” to return to a fairly normal state, he of course will suffer some sort of deficit from the brain injury, but we can only hope it’s fairly limited. I know Kenny is nervous about the responsibility ahead of him with dad living with him (hopefully he will only be there temporarily and can return to living on his own again), but I know Kenny possesses everything in his heart that he will need to help dad.
Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)

While I was in Nebraska, I got to see a few other people who are special to me- Above: My good friend Mary drove to Kearney from North Platte to have lunch with me- It was her birthday, so it made a special visit even better! Below: I got to spend some time with my Grandma- I sure miss her. I also spent time with Aunt Barb and Uncle Mose (although I didn’t get a photo of them… darn it!) Here’s a special shout out to Uncle Mose- “Thanks Uncle Mose- you’re a sweetheart!” (he knows why…)

Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)

For the record… I am now in Nashville, TN and will be home tomorrow afternoon!

A Bit of History…

11192008 009
Grandma Seifert and her pony Sweatheart- This photo was taken 91 years ago when my grandma was 3 years old.

A Bit of History...
Grandma and Grandad Seifert– shortly
after their marriage in 1939.
11192008 020
Grandma Seifert- I’m not sure
when this was taken

Grandma turns 94…

Happy Grandma turns 94... th Birthday Grandma

Grandma turns 94...

Grandma turns 94...

Aunt Barbara had a nice little birthday party for grandma. It was real nice to visit with everyone. Of course it was great to see my Grandma- and I always enjoy seeing Barb, Mose and my dad. Grandma turns 94...

11182008 012
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