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Blast from the past…Again!

My Aunt sent this picture to me tonight- it’s her favorite one of me and Great Grandad Fletcher!

Picture 6

(I still push my shirt sleeves up past my elbows…)
Thanks Barb for the picture!

Ahhhhh… How Sweet!

me and fletchers

Here are a couple of shots of me with my Great Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher. I believe these were taken in 1972. So I would have been 3 years old!

A dog and a collar….

If a dog and a collar,
cost a dime and a dollar,
and the dog cost a dollar more than the collar,
How much does the collar cost?

Family members should know the answer to this without having to do any math! Great Grandad Fletcher use to say this all the time. I always loved to hear him tell stories- sometimes he would start out with “You want to hear a story? About Jake and Ory, now my stories begun, you want to hear another, about his brother, and now my story is done!” He was such a character. I remember sitting with him as a little girl helping him shave. I would always point out the spots he missed with his electric razor. He had a horse named Rocket. She lived to be 36 years old! He use to tell us kids to “ride her til her tail falls off- and when it does, bring her straight home!” I use to sit on her and stare at her tail- waiting for it to fall off… It’s hard to believe he passed away almost 24 years ago- I still think of him all the time.