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Master Tour Rider…

10102009 2043At tonights chapter meeting Jan was awarded the Master Tour Rider Patch.  It’s really a pretty big deal to become a Master Tour Rider in GWRRA. It’s the highest level you can reach in the safety/education levels program and you have several requirements you have to accomplish in order to recieve the standing of Master Rider. You must have a certification in CPR/First Aid, you have to complete a riders course and obviously practice safe riding skills, with at least 25,000 miles of safe riding as well as several other requirements…  There are only a handful of us (me included) in our chapter that have reached this level, so it truly is an elite group of people. Yea Jan!

Sunny day…

It was such a wonderful day today-

03072009 003
We went for a little ride through the country on the trike-

03072009 015
Met up with good friends at a Goldwing event-

03072009 040
and I took in some fishing and saw several
turtles…. I even caught a fish!

Trunk-N-Treat 2008

These are some shots from a Trunk-N-Treat held at Abundant Life Church in Berea, SC. Several riders from South Carolina GWRRA Chapter E attended. This is the 2nd year Jan and I have attended this event- and this year there were so many more kids- it was a lot of fun!

Trunk-N-Treat 2008

Trunk-N-Treat 2008

Trunk-N-Treat 2008
Trunk-N-Treat 2008
Trunk-N-Treat 2008
Trunk-N-Treat 2008

Riding with the group…

Well this post is several days late-(Due to the storm) last Saturday we went for a ride with members of GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) Chapter E. One of our riders, David, is moving away to Arkansas for a job that will last a couple of years- and he wanted to lead a ride up to Side Street Pizza in Tryon, NC before he left the area.

The ride started out in Travelers Rest and continued on up near our house- So, rather than driving the 12 miles south- then back north the same 12 miles with the group- we decided to meet them on the route!
YouTube Preview Image


wing ding july 2 003
wing ding july 2 009
Greenville, SC is the host of Wing Ding 30. It’s the National GWRRA (GoldWing Road Riders Association) Rally and we are expecting up to 20,000 motorcycles over the weekend. Tomorrow is the official kick off- but today was a registration day- and there are already a bunch of riders in town. It was awesome to see so many bikes. We were both shocked at the number of trikes. This is our first Wing Ding and we are both excited. We have a lot planned for the next few days- We’re gonna take a Trike Safety Course tomorrow and Friday- there are also parades and vendors galore.