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We're Home!!!

We're Home!!!Entering North Carolina- almost home…
We're Home!!!It’s starting to look like home now! We are both so excited to get home and see our kitties.
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Entering South Carolina– WooHoo…

We're Home!!!A picture speaks a thousand words… Or in this case, 3 words….

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We’re home- after driving 6,739 miles we have officially rode our trike out to the west coast and back! What an awesome trip. I’m sure we will go on other trips like this, but none will compare to the first trip on the trike. We’ve been gone nearly 5 weeks- which means it will take me the next 2 weeks to get all the cat hair vacuumed from the furniture… hahaha

finalmapWe’re in home just in time for Wing Ding 30. It’s the national GoldWing Rally and it’s being held here in Greenville, SC on July 3-6. Thousands of GoldWing riders will be in town for this event- ought to make for some good pictures…