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bye bye Hanna

Well Hanna came and went- we didn’t get a drop of rain here at our house. It was actually quite hot and no wind. I took advantage of the day and went fishing…

hanna fishing

It’s not a huge bass- and the picture isn’t great- but hey, I had a good day- and I think you should all know why…

Hello Hanna….

I’ve gotten a lot of calls and inquiries from friends and family about Tropical Storm Hanna- folks are concerned that we may be in the path of the storm. This radar shows the bands of rain currently- and it appears that the worst of it will continue on north and east of landfall- which is expected to be at the North and South Carolina borders- miles and miles from where we live. If you find the town of Spartanburg in the top left corner- we live basically where the “b” is in Spartanburg. We will surely get some rain and some wind here in the upstate, but thats about it!