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It's ice cream season again…

Jan and Lenora stopped off at a local produce stand today and picked up a gallon of fresh strawberries. So of course, the natural thing to do is make Ice Cream. Boy is it good!

If you would like the recipe, go to What’s Cooking?

It's ice cream season again...

It's ice cream season again...

Help us choose…

We need your help! What flavor Ice Cream should we make next? I put a poll on the left side of the page to get your votes!

Flavor of the Week…


We were at it once again- we got out the ice cream maker and had a little fun. I’ve been wanting Pistachio- Jan doesn’t care for Pistachios, so I guess I’m gonna have to eat it all myself! It’s amazing the sacrifices we make for the ones we love! We also made peach ice cream again- we have to take advantage of all the fresh South Carolina peaches. This batch tastes a lot peachier- so I guess we are getting the hang of it.


Today, as we were coming home from our GWRRA Chapter E meeting in Simpsonville- we stopped off at a local produce stand in Greer, and picked up some peaches.

ice cream 045

So… we did the only sensible thing we could do…. we made homemade peach ice cream!!

ice cream 048

There was one time in grade school, we made ice cream as part of a class project. But aside from that I don’t ever recall having homemade ice cream. Since I’ve moved to South Carolina- our good friend Linda has made it a half a dozen times or so for us- but this is the first time Jan and I have made any. And I am proud to say … It sure is good….