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So-So SuperMoon

Veterans Day 2011

Our neighbor Lauren, invited Jan to her school today to honor her for her service in the military. A small group interviewed Jan on her experiences and presented her with homemade cards and a chorus performance. It was a good day indeed!

Jackson to Tupelo

Today we rode the Natchez Trace from Jackson to Tupelo.

Here you see Jan and Radar along the original trace where over the years Indians, slaves, settlers and soldiers all walked through here.  It’s kind of awe inspiring to think of the history along this trail.

I think Radar was mostly interested in the 1927 Model T which was parked along the side of the Trace.

I think one of the neatest places was the cypress swamp.

Water Tupelo and Baldcypress Trees live in the deep water of the swamp. (alligators live in this swamp, however I wasn’t lucky enough to see one)

The Bynum mounds are burial mounds that were believed to have been made 1800-2100 years ago.

Cowgirl Up!

Today was Kendall’s Fourth
Birthday party. She wanted
a horse party… so, we spent
the afternoon at Stillwater
Farms so the kids could all
ride the horses. The party was
a huge hit, and as usual Kendall
was as cute as can be!

Jan, Pam and Kendall all shook
their booties… I think Kevin
thought they were all crazy!


Hard to believe it was nice enough to weat shorts on December 31st…

Beautiful Beaches, Great Friends

Three photo composite image – Harris Beach, Brookings Oregon

Jan has been in Oregon almost a week and she has been having a great time with our good friends Jan and Joie. Today they went for a nice walk at Harris Beach in Brookings. The Coast of Oregon is so rugged and beautiful!  Tomorrow Jan will start her journey back home. She has a couple of stops to make along the way, so I think she will be gone for another week and a half or so. It will be good to have her back at home- me and the kitties all miss her!

A trip to Brookings wouldn’t be complete without seeing Fely!

Black Cherry

Jan got herself a new Trike- it’s a 2006 Honda Goldwing 1800. It has a 2008 California Sidecar trike kit. It’s a sharp looking machine!


The back forty…

Jan is suppose to be on a cross country motorcycle trip right now, but due to some unforeseen complications, the trip has been canceled. So instead, she is getting a little riding in on the lawn mower as she “clears” the back forty.

Enjoying the day

04222010 018
We went out fishing for a little while today and enjoyed the beautiful day!