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Beautiful Beaches, Great Friends

Three photo composite image – Harris Beach, Brookings Oregon

Jan has been in Oregon almost a week and she has been having a great time with our good friends Jan and Joie. Today they went for a nice walk at Harris Beach in Brookings. The Coast of Oregon is so rugged and beautiful!  Tomorrow Jan will start her journey back home. She has a couple of stops to make along the way, so I think she will be gone for another week and a half or so. It will be good to have her back at home- me and the kitties all miss her!

A trip to Brookings wouldn’t be complete without seeing Fely!

Coastal Scenes

cape ferrelo 03272010

Panorama of Cape Ferrelo

Day 19 Road Trip- June 7, 2008

Brookings, OR

Our goodbye breakfast with the gang- Joie, Sue, Jan H, Jan & Lori (sadly, Myra couldn’t be there- we missed you Myra!) We had a lot of laughs this morning- right Sue?

Whaleshead Beach


Bandon, OR

YouTube Preview Image

The waves at the beach in Bandon were awesome- they were coming from multiple directions.
We stopped off at Billy Smoothboars in Bandon to visit with Molly- we met her nearly 2 years ago on our first trip up the coast.

Coos Bay, OR

It was time for us to take care of our beautiful trike, so we stopped at Honda World in Coos Bay for an oil change. What an awesome bunch of folks- they got us in right away and had us rolling in no time.

Heceta Head Lighthouse- Florence, OR

Welcome to Heceta head Lighthouse near Florence, OR. The lighthouse is a special place for us. Jan considers it to be her “Spiritual” place here on the west coast and on our first visit to OR together- this was the one place she really wanted to share with me. I’m so glad she did! It’s such a beautiful place. I love listening to the sea lions right below you at the overlook point.

Newport, OR

Here we are in Newport, OR- seems like a mighty fine place to spend the night.

Lost Creek Beach

Here are the “treasures” we found on the beach tonight- we spent about an hour. (until we nearly froze to death) Some of the rocks are just interesting, some are agates, there are some fossils, shells, a piece that I believe is petrified wood and odd looking white rocks that remind me of salt crystals. I have no idea what they are- but hey they look cool….

Newport, OR -Harbor

What a great day we had! Can’t wait for tomorrow- we will be heading up to the Seattle area- I’ve never been to Seattle- so Jan is excited to take me on the ferry.

Day 15 Road Trip- June 3, 2008


When I looked outside today- and saw all the fog, I really thought it was gonna turn out to be an “icky” day!

The day turned out to be B-E-A-U-TI-FUL!!
What a great day to take a walk along the ocean!


Meet Joie- she will probably strangle me once she realizes she is on our blog- I hope she will either take mercy on me- or decide it’s not such a bad photo after all- I mean really, It’s mostly of the ocean anyway! Right?! Joie is a master at finding sea glass and agates on the beach. Today was Jan & my first try at it. We didn’t do too bad all things considered.

It’s funny how some beaches are fine sand- others are rocky. I like the rocky rugged beaches personally.

Most of the sea glass I found was real tiny- Like this piece here. Most of it was also brown- I found a couple green and white ones as well. Jan found several decent sized ones. I think she will have the “touch” and find lots of little treasures.

Hey there little Red Riding Hood…. Jan H. took me on a little hike out on Chetco Point.

Jan & Jan

The 2 Jans…Jan & Jango for a ride!

Up the River…

Up the River...
Today we went up the river for a BBQ and a good visit with friends.

Up the River...