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Capt. Wilson L. Lynch

Cousin Jimmy is a collector of sorts. He buys and sells antiques and collects anything old. At some point over the years, he came across a collection of letters concerning Captain Wilson L. Lynch of Company C in Patton’s Third Army during W.W. II.

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It’s really been quite fascinating taking a look back in time. One of the letters dated 26 Feb 1945, was from Caption Lynch to his cousin Stan, who was also serving a tour in Europe. He told Stan he had led his men into combat for about eighty days straight and had several close calls, but so far had only gotten a scratch on his finger from falling concrete as a tank shot high velocity rounds through the wall of a house he was in. He told Stan he felt “like a fugitive of the law of averages.” and gave him the news that “I’ve been recommended for the Silver Star, but I have no idea which time it was for- Usually, there are few left to tell.” He ends the letter off with “Stan stay safe as long as you can friend, there are no hero’s- some just get citations but for my money every dough boy should have the congressional medal of honor- That is those that make the grade. Some don’t.

One week later,on March 5, 1945, at the age of 27, Captain Wilson was killed in Germany during combat from machine gun fire. He left behind his wife and a two year old son. He did receive the Silver Star in May, 1945- albeit posthumously for his actions in combat.

Also in the collection there is a twenty page letter to Captain Lynch’s widow from Lt. Ira Smith, one of the men who served with Lynch. He wrote about how inspirational Lynch had been to the soldiers. Lt. Smith was very informative, but graceful in his narration about the happenings of their tour together. Lt. Smith, who was wounded in combat, was soon to be shipped back to the States and expressed his desire to come visit her when he returned home. I hope he had the chance to meet her. I’m sure they both had plenty of stories to share about Captain Lynch.

Cousin Jimmy

12042009 100_0690Cousin Jimmy came over today to see if he could figure out where the leak is coming from in our sunroom.  The only suspect spot we could find was a spot where the gutter screws into the the house. The screw hole was larger than the screw. So we caulked it and replaced the screw. Hopefully that does it! Thanks Cousin Jimmy!

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