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Thinning of things…

We FINALLY got someone who was willing to come out to our place and cut some trees in our lot. After the storm several weeks ago when we had the huge pine come down and take out our power line- we got to looking at the remaining pines in our lot and decided we needed to do some thinning. Basically we want to take all of the pines out of the lot- and only leave the hardwood trees. We have called several folks to see if they could come out and do some cutting, but we haven’t had any luck finding anyone willing to do an honest days work for an honest days pay- until now! Today 2 young men, John and Corey, came out and fell 5 or 6 pines. They did a great job!

treesUnfortunately, I didn’t get any great photos of them with the chainsaw, or as the trees were falling- I was too busy sitting in the house watching Oprah interview Elizabeth Smart! I’m sure most of you remember when Elizabeth was kidnapped from her bedroom in Salt Lake City. At the time I was working at The Salt Lake Tribune. It was the biggest story of the year- I will never forget the day, 9 months after her kidnapping, when a reporter came into our afternoon “huddle” (where all the editors get together to discuss story and photo play for the next days edition) and said “They found Elizabeth Smart! Alive!! in Sandy!!!” (Sandy is a suburb south of Salt Lake)