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the Misadventures of Ken….

the Misadventures of Ken....Our buddy Ken was participating in a church work day on Saturday, and was doing some carpentry work. (which is his chosen craft) He needed to change the Nail Depth Adjuster on his nail gun, and while doing so, he varied slightly the technique he always uses… that one change resulted in a nail in the hand! Ouch!

I asked him if he gets any extra credits towards Heaven since he injured himself while repairing a church- but he explained to me that he used the credits Saturday since he lucked out and the nail didn’t go through any bones or sever any main blood vessels in his hand. So he obviously feels very blessed!

Even though the nail didn’t go through any of the bones, it did however hit one on it’s way in, and bent slightly. The nail was lodged in such a way that Ken was unable to bend his wrist until the Dr pulled the nail out.

I also need to add that the Dr didn’t pull the nail out from the side it went in, instead, he pulled it out so the head of the nail had to pass through his hand. It makes me cringe every time I think of it.

Get better Ken!

(Thanks Linda for snapping these awesome photos of Ken’s x-rays.)

Thanksgiving Dinner…

It’s a fine art knowing exactly when the
Thanksgiving Turkey is ready to eat….
… this year, it was a breeze… We waited until our little “notifier disk” buzzed at us to let us know our table was ready at “Fatz” Thanksgiving Dinner...
Thanksgiving Dinner...
Thanksgiving Dinner...
There were even plenty of leftovers…

Toy Run 2008…

Jan and I, along with our friend Ken and Elaine and Mike, a couple from our Honda Group, participated in the Travelers Rest Police Department Toy Run. Approx 200 motorcycles joined the ride. Each rider brings a toy- and it will be donated to a needy child in the Northern Greenville Area for Christmas.Toy Run 2008...

This is our 2nd year to participate, and it was a great ride. Most of the motorcycles were Harleys & “crotch rockets”, which resulted in a noisy, but enjoyable day…
YouTube Preview Image

Toy Run 2008...

Happy Birthday Ken!

Happy Birthday Ken!Happy Birthday Ken! He has been a proud, card carrying member of the Jack Benny birthday club for a “few” years now! Hope you had a great day!!

Weekly Ride, August 24, 2008

8-24 037

This weeks ride was a bit shorter than usual- and it was minus Linda- She had work that needed to be done so we hit the road with Ken.

8-24 001

We returned to the Blue Ridge Parkway- it’s one of our favorite places to ride- It’s so much cooler up in the mountains- not to mention it’s pure beauty. The Parkway always has an abundance of motorcyclists.

8-24 010

(Nearly) weekly ride- Aug 17, 2008

Here are a few shots from todays ride…

BRP Pink Beds

817 034 Above:
The view of the Pink Beds
along the Blue Ridge Parkway. (named for the profusion of pink wildflowers that grow there in the spring, including mountain laurel and rhododendron) Elevation 4822

We went for a ride with Ken and Linda today. We didn’t go last week- Ken was out of state- and the week before Linda had some major school work to finish up for the semester. It felt great to get back out on the road with them…

All along the Parkway we saw hundreds of butterflies- during one of our stops I got this shot of two of them “dancing” around a flower bed.
817 080
jan ken 817 Ken and Jan

817 153

We stopped off at the French Broad River, near Hendersonville, NC. Every time I see the river I think of a song by Michelle Malone- called Lafayette (you can hear it here).

When we first walked down to the rivers edge we saw this little catfish hanging out. He was so calm I was able to reach down and touch his tail. The photo of the fish didn’t turn out great- but I really like the reflection of the trees and the sky in the water…

817 150

ken linda 817 Our good buddies- Ken and Linda…. We love ya… yeah we do…

Weekly Ride, July 27, 2008

7.29.08 094

I really look forward to Sundays. We have spent each Sunday this month taking rides with our friends Ken and Linda. It’s become kind of a weekly tradition that I hope we can continue throughout the riding season.

7.29.08 004
Today’s destination was Black Mountain, NC.

7.29.08 010

The route took us past Lake Lure, NC- For those of you who saw Dirty Dancing, This is where some of the filming took place. It’s such a beautiful lake- although it’s really touristy…

<7.29.08 036

…We also saw Chimney Rock, NC…

7.29.08 085

…Once again we rode on a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I love riding the parkway because it’s 469 miles with no stop signs. The parkway is used by cars, motorcyclist, bicyclists and hikers. It’s really a great way to see beautiful mountains and vistas.

Jan and I plan to ride the parkway from Cherokee, NC to the Shenandoah National Park sometime in the near future.

7.29.08 103

We found a perfect way to end our ride- a COKE ICEE

"Builder Ken"

7.22.08 015
7.22.08 022Mr Ken is building us a ramp so we can ride our trike into our shed (that we bought clear back in January) We have had a ramp on order all this time- and have yet to receive it- so we gave up. Thank goodness we know someone as talented as Ken. We always knew he was a craftsman in the art of wood- but now we know he has a talent for welding as well… Good job Ken! We love ya!

7.22.08 008

Meet Buddy T “Butter Butt” Johnson. He is one of Ken and Linda’s cute little doggies. Every time we visit their house, Buddy is hanging out with Ken in his shop.
7.22.08 020
These monstrous mushrooms are along Ken and Linda’s driveway. I kinda thought they were cool- so now you are all forced to look at them on my blog… sorry for the inconvenience!

Weekly Ride, July 20, 2008

Today we took our weekly ride with Ken and Linda- and guess what? It didn’t rain. It’s rained on us every other time we rode with them. But today was beautiful. Greenville’s temperature was to reach 97 degrees today- but we headed up to the mountains where it was much cooler. We drove up to North Carolina and took a ride through Pisgah National Forest and stopped off at Looking Glass Falls.

looking glass 7.20

YouTube Preview Image

Looking Glass Falls is one of the most visited falls in the Southeast- mostly because it’s very easily accessed (you can view it right from the highway, or walk down some steps to the base of the falls) and it’s proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The falls consist of a 30 foot wide cascade and a heigth of 60 foot, it may not be impressive in height, but it’s ranked highly for it’s beauty.

7.20.2008 063

The views on the Blue Ridge Parkway were stunning- it was a bit hazy today- so you couldn’t see as far as you normally could. Even so, we could see for miles in all directions.

7.20.2008 094

Common sight on the road today.

7.20.2008 078

While we were riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we entered the Devils Courthouse Tunnel,- which naturally passes through Devils Courthouse Mountain located in Western North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. Folk tales say the Devil holds court in a cave in the mountain- personally, I just think it’s a pretty mountain- with a dark tunnel….

July 13, 2008

We went for another ride today! We arranged to meet Ken and Linda at the North Carolina line.

7.13.2008 008

And…. Once again, it rained. It seems every time we ride with Ken and Linda, it rains! We don’t much mind- we can use the rain.

7.13.08 044

We stopped off at a sporting goods store (my birthday is quickly approaching, and I need fishing gear) and bought Ken and Linda Frogg Toggs (they are the best rain suits we have found) for their birthdays! (which aren’t until October… but they need them now!)

7.13.2008 054

What an awesome fish… Wish I could catch one like that in our lake! Speaking of which- it was yet another beautiful evening on the lake!

7.13.2008 062