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So-So SuperMoon

Snowstorm 2011

As the local TV station calls it- here as some photos from Snowstorm 2011.¬† Now compared to “Northern” standards we didn’t get a ton of snow. But for here in the south the 8″ we got pretty much paralyzed the area. To add to it, we then got a freezing rain which has turned all of our roads into ice skating rinks. Monday was suppose to be my first day back to class for the Spring term, but obviously school was closed, so I went out and had a little fun sledding with the neighbor.

After the snow fun, we all gathered at the neighbors house and had good eats and lots of fun (thanks Joe and Gayle). But that night after we got home a stomach bug got the best of me and and I spent most of the day Tuesday asleep.(thanks Kim for braving the elements and bringing me Gatorade and apples)

Due to the road conditions school was canceled Tuesday and Wednesday as well. A part of me is hoping they cancel school tomorrow as well, and we can start fresh next week.


Hard to believe it was nice enough to weat shorts on December 31st…

Chocolate Overload…

Isn’t that a cute Birthday Cake. It’s called Chocolate Overload… and let me tell ya, a couple of bites is about all you can handle at one time!

One Minute Exposure…

Well, even though the moon is only at 87%, I thought I would go out tonight and do a double exposure, the first, was gonna be a 30 second exposure to capture nice color and detail of the lake and trees surrounding us, and the second was gonna be a fast 1/250th of a second to get a nice bright, but detailed moon. The moon was suppose to rise at 11:47 here tonight, but apparently it’s was a little tired, I waited til about 12:15 and gave up. But, while I was waiting, I got these nice 60 second exposure of me pretending to be very patient…

This is the view from the lake looking up to where I was standing. You can see Keith the Rednecks house in the back! The orange glowing thing to the right is me!

First Day of School

Keeping in line with the fine Seifert tradition of getting a picture on the first day of school- Jan snapped this photo of me as I was heading off to the campus. (Sorry Aunt Barb, I don’t have a lunchbox yet- but I am sporting my awesome book bag)
05172010 007
I survived the first day ok- we covered a LOT of information in a fairly short amount of time. And I have about 300 problems to solve for my homework- but for the most part, it was a lot of fun!

Mothers Day

05092010 015Aunt Barb and I went to have brunch with Grandma for Mothers Day- it was a nice way to spend the morning.

05092010 029

39th(?) Birthday!

03142010 ma

Love ya Ma

Got SOUL???

02032010 007

02032010 005

We do!!

Jan and I took a little trip to Gainesville, GA today- and picked up this pretty little Kia Soul!

Slight Smathering of Slippery Sleet

12182009 sleet 2

12182025We’ve got our first winter weather storm for the year today- North of us, they are expecting up to 12″ of snow. So far we’ve gotten a lot of rain and sleet. We are suppose to go to a Christmas gathering tonight with some friends, but Cousin Jimmy was on his way up here to see about our roof (again) and he turned back for home saying that¬† it’s slicker than “owl sh*t” out there. I’m not sure how slick that it, but I’m thinking it’s pretty bad! Just a few minutes ago a neighbor couldn’t make it up the slight hill of our road out front. His tires kept spinning. Another neighbor is having to walk home from the highway- So I guess the final word is- SLICK, SLICK, SLICK.

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