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Stealth Bomber…

Linda came over last night so I could do some troubleshooting on her computer, and as we were sitting in the living room we heard a thumping on the window- and then we could see a huge shadow. It looked like there was a bat flying around the front porch light. When I walked Linda out, this huge moth was hanging out on the window.

More Distractions…

06022010 034

It’s really easy to get distracted when you have big windows next to your desk… I’ve been enjoying a few breaks by watching all the “wildlife” in the back yard.

This little “mothy” thing was hanging out for shelter on the window while we were experiencing a downpour of a little more than an inch of rain in an hours time.

We’ve had two pair of geese hanging around the lake. We’re hoping they have made a nest somewhere along the banks and plan to stay a little while.

06012010 004