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The back forty…

Jan is suppose to be on a cross country motorcycle trip right now, but due to some unforeseen complications, the trip has been canceled. So instead, she is getting a little riding in on the lawn mower as she “clears” the back forty.

Abandoned in the rain

09092009 002
Jan and I went out today to clear the remainder of the brush along the shoreline of the lake. The original plan was to use the lawn tractor and a little trailer to haul the brush off to the woods for dumping. Well, that didn’t quite work out. The lawn mower stalled out and wouldn’t start- then the storm came. Guess the lawn mower gets a bath today- and the brush gets to stay just a little longer…

Our Backyard….

Sights in the Backyard…
Our Backyard....Daisies

Our Backyard....Blackberries

628-009Poison Ivy on the path to the lake- Linda pointed this out to me last night- I hadn’t noticed it was even there. As a kid I use to really react to poison ivy- We would go out fishing- and silly me would play in the ditches- and be covered head to toe with a rash. As I’ve gotten older I haven’t noticed any reactions- but maybe I’ve just gotten smarter, and haven’t rolled around in it like I use to!
Our Backyard....We got out the mowers tonight after it cooled down a bit- Jan had the riding mower down by the lake- here she must have hit a dirt mound…. ick! I had the push mower trying to plow through all the brush on the hill heading down to the lake. The riding mower ended up breaking a belt- so we decided we ought to take advantage of the break and go fishing.
628-029I like to go out in the boat- Jan likes to stay on land… She was the only one to get a fish tonight!
Our Backyard....It sure is pretty here….