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Mushroom madness

10102009 2023

It seems we don’t have a shortage of mushrooms around here!

Fungus Anyone?

05302009 014
We’ve had a lot of rainfall the last month or so- maybe longer. One side effect of all this rain is the awesome fungus we are growing in our backyard. From what I have found- I believe this is a Amanita Muscaria var. Formosa. According to what I have read, it can be poisonous- although death is rare. And it can be used as a hallucinogenic! Great, I hope the “hippies” don’t find our crop!

"Builder Ken"

7.22.08 015
7.22.08 022Mr Ken is building us a ramp so we can ride our trike into our shed (that we bought clear back in January) We have had a ramp on order all this time- and have yet to receive it- so we gave up. Thank goodness we know someone as talented as Ken. We always knew he was a craftsman in the art of wood- but now we know he has a talent for welding as well… Good job Ken! We love ya!

7.22.08 008

Meet Buddy T “Butter Butt” Johnson. He is one of Ken and Linda’s cute little doggies. Every time we visit their house, Buddy is hanging out with Ken in his shop.
7.22.08 020
These monstrous mushrooms are along Ken and Linda’s driveway. I kinda thought they were cool- so now you are all forced to look at them on my blog… sorry for the inconvenience!