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the Misadventures of Ken….

the Misadventures of Ken....Our buddy Ken was participating in a church work day on Saturday, and was doing some carpentry work. (which is his chosen craft) He needed to change the Nail Depth Adjuster on his nail gun, and while doing so, he varied slightly the technique he always uses… that one change resulted in a nail in the hand! Ouch!

I asked him if he gets any extra credits towards Heaven since he injured himself while repairing a church- but he explained to me that he used the credits Saturday since he lucked out and the nail didn’t go through any bones or sever any main blood vessels in his hand. So he obviously feels very blessed!

Even though the nail didn’t go through any of the bones, it did however hit one on it’s way in, and bent slightly. The nail was lodged in such a way that Ken was unable to bend his wrist until the Dr pulled the nail out.

I also need to add that the Dr didn’t pull the nail out from the side it went in, instead, he pulled it out so the head of the nail had to pass through his hand. It makes me cringe every time I think of it.

Get better Ken!

(Thanks Linda for snapping these awesome photos of Ken’s x-rays.)