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Wright-eous Dudes!

Orville and Wilbur were two righteous dudes. It was a goose bumpy kinda of feeling today when we walked where the Wright Brothers successfully flew an airplane on December 17, 1903. The first flight lasted 12 seconds and stretched 120 ft. By the fourth attempt of the day Orville flew 59 seconds and made it 852 feet.  The two brothers chose this spot due to the soft sandy landings, as well as the area clear of trees. The high winds of the area were also beneficial to create lift.

In the bottom image you can see a rail directly in front of the monument. The brothers used this rail to create a smooth take off surface.


Along one of the beaches in Nags Head, a couple of people were “trying” to kitesurf. We never did see them actually succeed at it… But it still looked like they were having a good time.

Bodie Island Lighthouse, near Nags Head, Outer Banks, NC The reconstruction on the lighthouse is set to be complete in 2012.


Jan and I decided to take a little trip while I’m on my spring break from classes- It feels good to get away for a few days. Even if I do have a lot of homework to do.

So here we are at Kill Devil Hills, NC. We are just down the road from where the Wright Brothers decided they could fly. We’ll check that out while we are here.

Tryon, NC

Weekly Ride, July 27, 2008

7.29.08 094

I really look forward to Sundays. We have spent each Sunday this month taking rides with our friends Ken and Linda. It’s become kind of a weekly tradition that I hope we can continue throughout the riding season.

7.29.08 004
Today’s destination was Black Mountain, NC.

7.29.08 010

The route took us past Lake Lure, NC- For those of you who saw Dirty Dancing, This is where some of the filming took place. It’s such a beautiful lake- although it’s really touristy…

<7.29.08 036

…We also saw Chimney Rock, NC…

7.29.08 085

…Once again we rode on a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I love riding the parkway because it’s 469 miles with no stop signs. The parkway is used by cars, motorcyclist, bicyclists and hikers. It’s really a great way to see beautiful mountains and vistas.

Jan and I plan to ride the parkway from Cherokee, NC to the Shenandoah National Park sometime in the near future.

7.29.08 103

We found a perfect way to end our ride- a COKE ICEE

We're Home!!!

We're Home!!!Entering North Carolina- almost home…
We're Home!!!It’s starting to look like home now! We are both so excited to get home and see our kitties.
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Entering South Carolina– WooHoo…

We're Home!!!A picture speaks a thousand words… Or in this case, 3 words….

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We’re home- after driving 6,739 miles we have officially rode our trike out to the west coast and back! What an awesome trip. I’m sure we will go on other trips like this, but none will compare to the first trip on the trike. We’ve been gone nearly 5 weeks- which means it will take me the next 2 weeks to get all the cat hair vacuumed from the furniture… hahaha

finalmapWe’re in home just in time for Wing Ding 30. It’s the national GoldWing Rally and it’s being held here in Greenville, SC on July 3-6. Thousands of GoldWing riders will be in town for this event- ought to make for some good pictures…

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008
This is Jan- she is my driver and best friend! We are running away from home! We live in South Carolina- and we got a wild hair to ride our 1992 Honda Goldwing Trike out to Oregon to see the ocean and our dear friends.

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008

For what ever reason I absolutely love tunnels. This one is on I-40 in North Carolina. Every time I pass through a tunnel, it is a necessity to blow my horn.

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008

Entering Tennessee

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008Hi, I’m Lori, as co-rider, I get to sit in the back and relax for the most part. Of course I help watch for traffic and such- but mostly I get to enjoy the scenery! Our first day started out a little shaky. We had headwinds most of the way, and our gas mileage was horrible. But I asked a good friend to pray to the MPG gods. Thanks to her our MPG increased a good bit the next day!


After our first day- we were both pretty tired. But we are having a great time for sure. Our first stop was in Hurricane Mills, TN- Home of Loretta Lynn.