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Feels like home…

Feels like home...
We’ve been seeing Ole Blue for brief moments, every now and then since he first arrived in early October. Today while I was out fishing, I got another good look at him. Apparently he has decided to make our lake his home… at least for the time being.

He’s Back….

10092008 034
“Ole Blue” was back this evening. I have no Idea if it’s a boy or a girl.. But for the sake of argument- lets just say it’s a boy… Anyway- he was hanging out in the trees along the lake tonight, watching me fish. I have a feeling he caught a lot more fish today than I did!!

10092008 071

Morning Visitor… Updated

10042008 019
We had a visitor on the lake this morning. a Great Blue Heron picked our lake to get his morning nourishment. In the middle of the lake is a swimming dock that has long been flooded- the smaller fish congregate at the surface of the water at the dock- creating a beautiful buffet for “Ole Blue”.

10042008 122

Apparently “Ole Blue” has decided to stick around for an afternoon snack…