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A day of crashes…

Yesterday turned out to be quite the day of crashes. It started out first thing in the morning, I found out that the server at the webhost for this site crashed and we lost all the information that was entered after Oct 1. Which means the website I built for our Chapter was gone… vanished… no longer in existence! Luckily they were able to restore the site up to last Sunday, so not all was lost. All said and done, I lost the last couple of posts to this site (which was no huge loss… just more updates on the yard work!) and I had to rebuild the Chapter site (almost done with that) Last night and this morning I moved my site to a new webhost- which in and of itself was somewhat of a nightmare since I really didn’t know what I was doing. I’m one of those people who knows just enough to really mess things up good, but can then eventually figure things out and make them right again.

Now, on to the second crash of the day.

10232009 001The short story; “I was testing the brakes on the Hyundai- and guess what? They aren’t as effective as I had hoped! ouch…”

All turned out ok- no serious injuries. I’m a little stiff and sore today but otherwise doing fine. I assume the car will be totaled, and right now I have no intentions (or money) to buy a new one.

The really sad thing- I just got new tires and an alignment less than a month ago… bummer