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Changing faces…

changing faces

I can’t for the life of me remember where I got this image with
the changing faces optical illusion- but I’ve had it quite awhile.
Looking at the image, you see one angry face and one calm face. But
if you step away from your computer a few steps- you will see that
their expressions have switched…

Young or old? What do you see?

I didn’t take any pictures today during our Trike course- I figured the instructor would frown on me hanging half way upside down taking pictures while we are “screaming” through the course practicing swerves, curves, and sudden stops… So I thought I would share a picture I took yesterday during our classroom instruction. It demonstrates how sometimes we may see something- and our brains may interpret it different than others. So lesson learned- you can’t always believe what you see….

old or youngthis image is from GWRRA instruction manual