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Beautiful Beaches, Great Friends

Three photo composite image – Harris Beach, Brookings Oregon

Jan has been in Oregon almost a week and she has been having a great time with our good friends Jan and Joie. Today they went for a nice walk at Harris Beach in Brookings. The Coast of Oregon is so rugged and beautiful!  Tomorrow Jan will start her journey back home. She has a couple of stops to make along the way, so I think she will be gone for another week and a half or so. It will be good to have her back at home- me and the kitties all miss her!

A trip to Brookings wouldn’t be complete without seeing Fely!

Oceanic Attitude…

During our whole trip to the coast, the Ocean has been showing us who is boss!

Coastal Scenes

cape ferrelo 03272010

Panorama of Cape Ferrelo

Whale Watching…

03272010 099Jan & I saw our first whale today at Cape Ferrelo in Brookings, OR … it was migrating north from it’s winter vacation in Mexico. Just in case you cant spot the tail, I’ve cropped the image so you can see it!

03272010a 099

and a whale flipper

3272010 354

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
Hello Oregon- Again….. Today we drove through the northeastern corner of Oregon on our way to Idaho.

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008

We couldn’t find shade to park the trike in while we ate our lunch, and during the 45mins we were eating, the thermometer on the trike registered 106.5 degrees. Obviously it wasn’t that hot outside, but with the direct sunshine, the motorcycle seats reached that temperature. I was glad we had our seat cushions so we didn’t blister our butts….

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
Skies over Oregon- what a beautiful day we had- it was nice and warm, but the breeze kept us cool. We would surely be blessed if the rest of our trip was this nice.

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
No worries- we will be back as soon as we can. Oregon is our favorite state! (aside from South Carolina of course.)

Day 25 Road Trip- June 13, 2008
Here we are in Idaho- we are spending the night in Mountain Home. We will be in SLC tomorrow- I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends!

Day 20 Road Trip- June 8, 2008

Day 20 Road Trip- June 8, 2008
What a scenic ride we had today- starting out following the coast of Oregon, and ending along the shores of the Columbia River. It was a bit chilly today. A part of me is excited for the warmer temps we will encounter as our trip progresses- but then I look at the weather report back home in SC, and cringe at the 100 degree temps awaiting us.
Day 20 Road Trip- June 8, 2008Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR- This was my favorite spot of the day! We walked around a bit- hoping maybe we could find some “treasures” on the beach- we didn’t see any, but it was nice to stretch the legs for a few minutes.
Day 20 Road Trip- June 8, 2008I imagine this is a child’s sandcastle version of Haystack Rock.
Day 20 Road Trip- June 8, 2008Sights of the day…

Day 20 Road Trip- June 8, 2008Bye, Bye Oregon- Hello Washington

Day 20 Road Trip- June 8, 2008Well, here we sit in Longview, WA! Our goal for tomorrow is to go into Seattle to ride the ferry and then off to Cle Elum we go… Watch out Cheryle… here we come!

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008

Today was another beautiful day- a bit breezy and chilly-but we spent the morning in Crescent City, CA at 2 of the beaches looking for sea glass and agates. We found lots of little goodies- but….. I had a brain fade and forgot my camera. Since I don’t have any images to share from todays excursion, I figured I would show you a few outtakes from our time here in Oregon.
Cruising down Hwy 101

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Wild Iris growing on Chetco Point

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
View at Chetco Point

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Skies over Brookings / Harbor, OR

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Flying the kite at Lone Ranch

Day 17 Road Trip- June 5, 2008
Lone Ranch Beach

Lone Ranch Beach

Here we are- back on the coast- I’m sure all of you already know this- But Jan and I met here on the coast of Oregon, and this is a very special place for the two of us. In the last 2 years, Jan and I have returned to Brookings 5 times.

Ocean Tides

Lone Ranch Beach, Brookings, OR

YouTube Preview Image

Day 9 Road Trip- May 28, 2008 part I


We had another beautiful day of riding- the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Northern California and Oregon really are breathtaking. We saw lots of vineyards and of course the Redwoods and Ocean. The further north we went the cooler the air got. By the time the day was over I had on 5 layers. I looked like a puffed up marshmallow- but hey, I was warm!