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Fall 2013


View out back







The Fishermen

Bob, the newest member of the neighborhood, and his grandson out enjoying a beautiful fall day at the lake.

Split Image

Our neighbor Joe and his buddy out fishing at the lake.

Nice Surprise…

While I was at school tonight, Jan had a nice surprise out on the lake:

14 Geese stopped off for an evening nap!

End of an Era…

July 2010

This is all that remains of the dock at our lake. It was deteriorating and unsafe… So Keith the Redneck and Joe, our other neighbor, pulled it out with their tractors. Boys and their toys… It’s good that it’s gone, but it sure looked pretty in pictures!

Nov 2009


On Monday I was out watching Keith, the redneck next door neighbor using a tractor to cut brush and small trees along the lake. I was casually staring off towards the lake- when ZAP…. I got stung, again… that makes 3 stings in just a couple of days. This time instead of yellow jackets it was a wasp, or hornet or some other crazy stinging flying creature. We just assumed Keith had stirred them up with the tractor. But today when I was out mowing along the lake, I bumped into some chairs we have out there for fishing, and a black “cloud” came rushing out from under them. I’m not sure what they are for sure, I suspect they are hornets. No matter what they are, I got the heck out of there in a hurry. (then grabbed my camera of course) As it turns out, I was lucky I only got the one sting on Monday- just before I got stung, I had moved those chairs out of the way so Keith could maneuver his tractor closer to the lake.

More Distractions…

06022010 034

It’s really easy to get distracted when you have big windows next to your desk… I’ve been enjoying a few breaks by watching all the “wildlife” in the back yard.

This little “mothy” thing was hanging out for shelter on the window while we were experiencing a downpour of a little more than an inch of rain in an hours time.

We’ve had two pair of geese hanging around the lake. We’re hoping they have made a nest somewhere along the banks and plan to stay a little while.

06012010 004

Screams in the night…

05272010 008

I know , I know, you’ve seen a half dozen photos of the moon on this site. (Actually only 3) And truth be told, you’ll see plenty more before I’m through. The moon rises over the lake out back and it’s really hard to resist taking photos of something so beautiful.  But the whole point to this post isn’t actually the moon, it’s the frogs! I walked down to the lake last night to get this shot, and the frogs were croaking up a storm. I wish I could say they sounded like a symphony, but in reality it sounded like screams in every direction. It was almost deafening how loud they were. From up at the house it does sound more like a symphony- but down at the lake it’s almost frightening!