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I love spring for all the pretty flowers, life sprouting everywhere around and the warmth you feel in your bones… but this is what we woke up to this morning…

04232010 001
Pollen settled on the lake. It’s no wonder we can’t breathe!

Times are “a changing”

03142010 004
I absolutely love this time change! OK, I admit I hate losing the hour of sleep, but I love having the extra hour of daylight in the evening. I took this photo around 7:00 p.m.


03032010 059


02222010 004

3.15 inches of rain…

In a 24 hour period we got 3.15 inches of rain- resulting in a muddy, flooded lake.

A little soup with breakfast…

This morning Jan got to be the photographer of the house to capture the “soupy fog” out on the lake!
I stayed in bed…


Happy Thanksgiving!

We Love and Miss all of our friends and family afar!
11252009 009

Lapse into Fall Colors

11022009 021

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve lugged my Nikon and tripodĀ  out to the lake a dozen times to take a picture of the trees across the lake. I’ve chronicled the changing of the leaves, so I could make a little time lapse video. But sadly enough, I actually like the photo I took with my point and shoot (above) a lot better than any of the photos taken with my SLR (below).

YouTube Preview Image

Blissful Day

10232009 030
Today turned out to be one of those days that felt good to hang around the house. We had to run into town this afternoon for some errands, and this is the sight we returned to. Beautiful!!


Over the last year and a half Jan and I have made a lot of changes out back near the lake. Hard to believe what it use to look like! (the first photo is late June 2008 and the last photo is today)