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Taking up residence…

09.10.2010 in the backyard

More Distractions…

06022010 034

It’s really easy to get distracted when you have big windows next to your desk… I’ve been enjoying a few breaks by watching all the “wildlife” in the back yard.

This little “mothy” thing was hanging out for shelter on the window while we were experiencing a downpour of a little more than an inch of rain in an hours time.

We’ve had two pair of geese hanging around the lake. We’re hoping they have made a nest somewhere along the banks and plan to stay a little while.

06012010 004

A little grooming….

It’s amazing the difference a couple of hours of work
and a whole lot of sweat can make!!

A little grooming....In this photo I posted a couple of days ago- you can see how overgrown the bank had become- We had a small path that led us to the lake.

A little grooming....But after working a few hours over the last 2 days- we now have a clearer view of the lake from our house! YEA!!! That’s always a happy thing!