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Pano 7-2-2011

Local "Attractions"

08302009 075
Today was a beautiful day for a ride- we took out with no real destination in mind, but ended up stopping to see two area “attractions”. Hooker Falls, a 20 ft falls along the Little River in North Carolina. (The best part about the falls is the fact it makes for a nice swimming hole.) We also stopped at Bald Rock in South Carolina. The View from Bald Rock is quite awesome. to the left you can see Paris Mountain, which is near Travelers Rest, SC and to the right you can see Table Rock State Park.
08302009 Bald Rock


Earlier, I was reading a blog by Trent Nelson . He is an amazing photographer I had the great pleasure of working with for 10 years (shy by 1 month) at The Salt Lake Tribune. In that 10 years I learned a lot from Trent- and even a year after I left the Trib- I’m still learning things from him. He blogged about using Photomerge to combine a group of images into a panorama. I had never tried Photomerge, and after reading his blog, I stepped outside and quickly snapped off a couple of images so I could give it a try. And as he said- it’s still better to merge the images manually, but the auto did a pretty good job-
lake_Panorama sm

looking east

house_Panorama sm

looking west