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Alternate Route…

After a lot of consideration Jan and I have decided to cancel the SLC & NE legs of our trip. When we woke up this morning Donners Pass was in worse shape than it was last night when we went to bed. We both decided it was in our best interest to head south and take an alternate route home. I’m sad that we wont see our friends and family along the way- but I guess that just gives us a good reason to make yet another trip! We are in Barstow, CA right now and trying to decide on the route we will take to continue the trip home.

03312010 044
As we were cruising down HWY 99 today we saw a couple of parachutists coming in for a landing- I grabbed my camera as quick as I could- and of course my timing was perfect- to get a nice shot of the power lines… oh well!

03312010 076
03312010 073
Otherwise the scenery was pretty much the same as it was on our way to Oregon…

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