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Sightseeing Visitors…

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Our Friend Kay & Lenora are visiting us while they are on a massive vacation traveling across the states. Today we took them to a few local sights- Poinsett Bridge, Campbells Covered Bridge and Ballenger Mill. Tomorrow we will take them to Gatlinburg and Cades Cove. That will be a nice trip for sure.In the bottom photo you will see Lenora taking a photo of “Flat Stanlietta” on the covered bridge at Ballenger Mill. If you would like to follow Kay and Lenora’s travels- you can see them at Road Trips and More. 04242009 042

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I was sitting here thinking about Poinsett Bridge- looking at the image of it, and amazed at the fact it was built in 1820… my homestate of Nebraska wasn’t even admitted into the United States until 1867, forty-seven years AFTER this bridge was built! Awesome!

Here is a little list of a few other things that happened that year.

  • Missouri Compromise passes, allowing slavery in Missouri.
  • Maine admitted as 23rd state.
  • Tomato is proven non-poisonous.
  • Spain sells part of Florida to U.S. for $5 million
  • James Monroe elected 5th U.S. president
  • Antarctica discovered by U.S. Navy Captain Nathaniel B. Palmer
  • Missouri imposes a $1 bachelor tax on unmarried men between 21 and 50.
  • Stephen Long of the Corps of Engineers leads an expedition across Kansas to the Rocky Mountains, where a member of his party, Dr. Edwin James, scales Pikes Peak.
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Poinsett Bridge…

Jan and I went for another little ride- todays destination: Poinsett Bridge in Upstate SC

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Poinsett Bridge, (which is believed to be the oldest standing bridge in South Carolina), is an arched stone bridge built in 1820. It was named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, (the poinsettia flower was also named after him) and was part of the State Road which stretched from Charleston, SC to Saluda Mountain, NC. You can see the bridge and the State Road are no longer used, but is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The stone bridge spans the Little Gap Creek and “sports” a 14-foot Gothic arch .

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