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Ice Capades

01302010 009Last nights storm sure did a number on the upstate. Over 10,000 homes lost power due to ice pulling down trees and power lines. We lost our power about 2:30 in the morning and got it back around 9am- until about 10:20am… then lights out again. And let me tell you something, after all that time of no power and heat, it sure got cold in here. At one point Jan and I were sitting on the couch with 3 blankets over us, and all 4 cats were curled up on us to stay warm. We lost at least 2 trees down by the lake, and most likely several more along the dam of the lake. The one tree that really worries me is along the side of the house. It’s a huge pine, and it’s covered in ice- leaning right at the power line. We tried to get the crew to take care of it- but since it would only affect our power if it falls, they said they weren’t going to worry about it for now. The guy told us to give them a call after the cleanup of this storm is over, and they will put in a work order to take care of it. I just hope it doesnt decide to snap.