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Meandering home…

05102010 002

I left Omaha this morning to head home- it has rained ALL day. I decided to take a different route this time and meandered through Iowa so I could visit the Bridges of Madison County. It has been a pretty drive but a long day. I am now in Danville, Illinois and will be home tomorrow!

05102010 010

Rainy day at the Harbor B&B

03292010 004The winds and rain have been wicked here today at “The Harbor B&B” (also known as Sue and Myra’s house). Don’t they have a beautiful back yard?

Wintry Precipitation…

01292010 011Another evening with a mix and snow and freezing rain.

3.15 inches of rain…

In a 24 hour period we got 3.15 inches of rain- resulting in a muddy, flooded lake.

Abandoned in the rain

09092009 002
Jan and I went out today to clear the remainder of the brush along the shoreline of the lake. The original plan was to use the lawn tractor and a little trailer to haul the brush off to the woods for dumping. Well, that didn’t quite work out. The lawn mower stalled out and wouldn’t start- then the storm came. Guess the lawn mower gets a bath today- and the brush gets to stay just a little longer…

Rainy Bet…

We set off for a little ride today- we were gonna head up to the Rosman, NC area and enjoy the mountains for awhile. Shortly after we left we came across some pretty ornery looking clouds- I asked Jan if she wanted to bet on whether we would end up wet or not. She agreed- I bet we would get wet- she bet that we wouldn’t…. 05022009 003
I Won!!…

Rainy Bet...


Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.

03182009 022

I love this time of year. The weather brightens up- and everything comes to life. Jan and I have been taking advantage of the warmer weather the last few days by going out for rides.

03182009 018

We have been exploring the back roads around home and venturing into the city of Greenville.

03182009 007

Today, on our way home from furniture shopping- we hit a little rain…

03192009 011

July 13, 2008

We went for another ride today! We arranged to meet Ken and Linda at the North Carolina line.

7.13.2008 008

And…. Once again, it rained. It seems every time we ride with Ken and Linda, it rains! We don’t much mind- we can use the rain.

7.13.08 044

We stopped off at a sporting goods store (my birthday is quickly approaching, and I need fishing gear) and bought Ken and Linda Frogg Toggs (they are the best rain suits we have found) for their birthdays! (which aren’t until October… but they need them now!)

7.13.2008 054

What an awesome fish… Wish I could catch one like that in our lake! Speaking of which- it was yet another beautiful evening on the lake!

7.13.2008 062

Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home…

Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home...This is one of the 3 fish I caught (2 smallmouth bass and 1 bluegill) within about 25 minutes of fishing- Unfortunately I had to quit fishing right after I caught this one, because we had a downpour! As you can tell I’m getting a little wet! It was in the upper 80’s so the rain felt quite nice!
happy home001It looks like it may have stopped raining- I see the sun again- so I think I’ll go back out fishing…

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008


Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008
Oh my… is that rain on our windshield? This was our first day with any amount of rain at all. Thanks to our Frogg Toggs we both stayed dry. We even saw a few flakes of snow falling. We decided with the rain and cold, to bypass Seattle this trip- so we didn’t ride the ferry.

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008

Today was without a doubt a gloves day (I actually had on 2 pairs) – I think it turned out to be probably the coldest day so far of our trip- I’m sure Jan would agree with me on this one! Yup! She agrees…. It was cold!! I would love a nice 75 degree sunny day!

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008

It ended up raining the majority of the day. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but my camera lens kept getting wet.

YouTube Preview Image
Snoqualmie Falls, WA -The falls were awesome- it was so misty you couldn’t see the bottom- but WOW! Can you tell- I love waterfalls! The falls are 270 feet high and located between Snoqualmie and Fall City, WA

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008
We are now in Cle Elum, WA- and plan to be here the next few days- We have a nice warm room and the company of our good friend Cheryle.