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03302010 007 Our Journey through the Redwoods was beautiful today (which of course is a given…)

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Day 9 Road Trip- May 28, 2008 part II

More scents of the roadoceanThe Ocean
The Redwoods
fresh baked bread


Day 9 Road Trip- May 28, 2008 part III

the Redwoods


If you have never been to the Redwoods- It’s one place I highly recommend. Anytime you start feeling kinda “big” on yourself, go stand next to a Redwood and you will soon realize just how small and insignificant you really are. To see a tree that has been around for 1800 years is really quite amazing.

This video is for my good friend who has traveled
cross country in a truck- but has never seen the redwoods! Enjoy!
YouTube Preview Image