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Family History…

I was doing some searching around on the Internet and decided to look into creating a family tree. I signed up for the free 14 days at Ancestry.com and started a basic tree- It’s amazing how fast and easy the tree can expand by using Historical Records as well as linking information from others family trees. I don’t plan on paying for the service with Ancestry.com so I need to do as much research as I can in the next 12 days. Some of the more interesting things I’ve found are:

Ralph C Fletcher WWI
WWI Registration card for my Great Grandpa Fletcher

… as well as one for my Great Grandad Seifert

wilhelm seifert WWI
I also found the ship Manifest of Alien Passengers for the E.B. Alexander that arrived at port in New York, NY on March 27, 1946. You are probably wondering what the significance of that manifest is to me… Well, that’s the ship that my Grandma Riggs and Aunt Christine traveled on when they immigrated to America. My Grandma was a war bride from England- as a kid she use to tell me that she “came over on the Maytag” Now I have proof it isn’t true!