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Slight Smathering of Slippery Sleet

12182009 sleet 2

12182025We’ve got our first winter weather storm for the year today- North of us, they are expecting up to 12″ of snow. So far we’ve gotten a lot of rain and sleet. We are suppose to go to a Christmas gathering tonight with some friends, but Cousin Jimmy was on his way up here to see about our roof (again) and he turned back for home saying that  it’s slicker than “owl sh*t” out there. I’m not sure how slick that it, but I’m thinking it’s pretty bad! Just a few minutes ago a neighbor couldn’t make it up the slight hill of our road out front. His tires kept spinning. Another neighbor is having to walk home from the highway- So I guess the final word is- SLICK, SLICK, SLICK.

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